What Were Athena’s Powers?

Athena has jurisdiction over wisdom and skills, including agriculture, spinning, needlework, weaving, and navigation. Athena is also regarded as a war goddess and the patron goddess of Athens. As the goddess of battle, Athena’s authority resides more in strategy than in direct conflict.

In Greek mythology, Athena is considered Zeus’ most beloved daughter. She triumphed against Poseidon in the contest for Athens’ patron deity. In great part due to her gift of the olive tree, Athena was chosen as the city’s patron deity.

According to Greek mythology, Athena had no mother and was born from Zeus’ head. Athena was fabled to have sprung from her creation fully armed. Her characteristics include the Aegis, the pomegranate, the owl, the helmet, and the spear. She is typically known as “the grey-eyed goddess.”

Athena also figured frequently in numerous Greek myths. She was identified as a witness to Jason’s effort to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Additionally, Athena assisted Perseus in his mission to retrieve Medusa’s head. During the Trojan War, Athena favoured the Greeks and assisted Telemachus in regaining control of Ithaca in Odysseus’ absence.


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