What Was the Traditional Clothing of England?

England does not have a national costume or traditional attire, although other countries in the United Kingdom, such as Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, have. The kilt and tartan are both well-known components of the Scottish national dress, with tartan also being a component of the Welsh national dress.

Although England does not have a national costume, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales have many to choose from. According to the Learning English Network, the Scottish national uniform for men comprises not just a kilt but also a shirt, waistcoat, and tweed jacket. The males wear brogues, which are robust leather shoes or boots with a low heel. Women wear pleated skirts or dresses paired with shawls made from tartan fabric.

Men wear tartan trousers in Wales. A lace cap and a tall black hat, like a top hat, are worn by women. In addition, they wear a skirt, a shirt, black stockings, and a crimson shawl. The Irish national costume consists of a shirt, pants, and long cloaks.

There have been previous attempts to develop an English national costume. Henry VIII went so far as to hire a designer to complete the task, but this and later attempts were unsuccessful.


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