What Was the Scandal Involving Janis Oliver and Vince Gill?

The incident involving Janis Oliver and Vince Gill was an alleged affair between Vince Gill and a married Amy Grant during Gill’s marriage to Oliver. In 2015, Vince Gill was divorced from Janis Oliver and had been married to Amy Grant for 15 years.

While Gill was married to Janis Oliver and Grant was married to television host and Christian musician Gary Chapman, Gill and Grant met around the end of 1993. Since 1980, Gill and Oliver had been married, and they had a daughter. Grant and Chapman had been married for 15 years and had three children together. Gill and Grant worked together and had excellent chemistry, but they believed they would never be together.

A great deal of rumours circulated that Gill and Grant were having an affair due to the connection they shared. Moreover, the couple supposedly composed songs about one another. Janis Oliver filed for divorce in 1997, and various tabloid articles stated that this was due to Gill and Grant’s affair, which prompted Janis Oliver to seek for divorce.

In 1997, Gill and Janis Oliver divorced, and in 1999, Grant divorced Gary Chapman. Grant began dating Gill after her divorce from Chapman was finalised, and the couple wed in 2000. A year later, the couple gave birth to a daughter.


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