What Was Saint Grace’s Name?

Saint Grace was the sister of Saint Maria and Saint Bernard, and was a Catholic saint. She was born in a Muslim family but later converted to Catholicism.

Saint Grace sought to convert their brother, Almanzor, to the Catholic faith with the support of her brother and sister. They urged him to recognise that Islam was not the proper path for him and that the Catholic church could help him rescue his soul. Their fourth sibling was a firm believer in his Muslim faith and had no desire to convert. He chose his religion over his family’s blood and turned them in to the authorities. Saint Grace was martyred by the military authorities in 1180, and her feast day is the first of June.

Grace’s father, brothers, and sister were all Muslim Caliphs. He was a higher-ranking member of the Muslim faith, able to offer the church with practically everything his family required. Being a higher authority in a church brought him much shame when the majority of his children decided that Catholicism was the way to go. After the children converted to Catholicism, the family never reconciled.

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