What Victoria’s Secret Fragrances Have Been Discontinued?

According to the official Victoria’s Secret website, sixteen original Victoria’s Secret fragrances have been discontinued since the brand’s introduction in the late 1980s. Victoria’s Secret continues to manufacture and distribute 44 perfumes.

Depending on when they were discontinued, Victoria’s Secret discontinued scents, which are characterised as provocative, romantic, or playful, may still be sold at select Victoria’s Secret stores and on websites such as eBay and Fragrancex. In 2014, Body by Victoria was modified, and the 2012 formulation is no longer available.

These are the discontinued Victoria’s Secret fragrances:

Victoria’s Secret
Romantic Wild English Garden Bouquet
English Harvest Garden, Victoria’s Bouquet
Freesia, Forget-Me-Not, Romantic Bouquet
Body by Victoria’s Her Majesty’s Rose Azurine Breathless Encounter Basic Instinct So In Love Sexy Sparkle Vanilla Gold
Just Victoria.
Although some scents, body mists, collections, and creams in the product range have not been formally discontinued, they may be difficult to locate. Pear Glace and the Forbidden Fantasy series are examples of increasingly scarce fragrances.

According to scentmatchers, discontinued, hard-to-find, and rare real Victoria’s Secret perfumes may often be found and purchased online, as well as precisely matched and replicated. The website claims to be able to copy unique perfumes and match a preferred scent.


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