What Tire Brands Does Costco Sell?

As of 2015, Costco sells BF Goodrich, Michelin, and Bridgestone tyres. Visitors to its website can look for tyres by car year, make, and model, as well as size and item number.

Costco periodically offers significant tyre discounts and special promotions. Costco now sells tyres for trailers, golf carts, and all-terrain vehicles, in addition to car tyres.

Tires for cars, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles are available at Costco, and can be ordered online and delivered to a Costco warehouse near you for installation. The benefit of purchasing tyres from Costco is that it offers a Member Advantage programme on the tyres it sells. For an additional $15 per tyre, this service includes rotation, inflation checks, balance, and flat-tire repair for the life of the tyre. New rubber tyre stems and nitrogen tyre inflation are also included. The programme includes warranties on mileage, manufacturer’s flaws, and road dangers for each tyre.

When tyres are serviced under the Member Advantage programme, a Michelin-certified tyre specialist performs the work. This service is not available for all tyres or cars, and flat tyre repairs are subject to specific limitations, according to Costco.

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