What Stores Provide Used U-haul Utility Trailers?

Used utility trailers are not presently available from U-Haul. Although old U-Haul utility trailers are occasionally advertised in classified ads, on Ebay, and on Craigslist, buyers should proceed with caution as U-Haul does not formally sell its utility trailers.

However, U-Haul does offer used trucks, vans, and maintenance parts and supplies online, and you may speak with a U-Haul professional via chat or by calling their toll-free number. All available trucks and equipment are posted on U-Haul.com, along with accessible pricing information under each image.

Along with every transaction, they provide 30 days of telephone assistance. There are many truck sellers who sell secondhand U-Haul trucks in addition to buying one from U-Haul directly.


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