What Stores Offer 310 Shakes?

Customers can buy 310 shakes through 310Nutrition.com and Amazon.com as of April 2015. Compared to Amazon.com, the company’s own website has a wider range of products available at lower prices. In addition to using 310Nutrition.com, customers can place orders by calling the toll-free number.

On the company’s website, customers place an item in their shopping basket and proceed to the regular checkout process. One-time purchases are more expensive than orders placed by valued customers, who receive discounted goods and free shipping. Individuals click on each product to view information, such as nutritional information, a list of ingredients, and mixing directions.

Shakes are available in four flavours: strawberry, mocha, chocolate, and vanilla. Protein Power prepares 28 shakes from each packet, and each shake has 90 calories. Protein, fibre, and a number of vital vitamins are the components that the food contains in the highest concentrations.

The powder is supplemented with minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Juice, a probiotic, an appetite suppressant, a cleansing powder, a metabolism booster, and others are also offered by 310Nutrition.com. Additionally, customers have the choice to purchase a blender that mixes each shake.

Jenni Farley, a reality television actress from “Jersey Shore,” frequently promotes these shakes on her own website. Farley uploads images of the company’s take-out bottle and the 310Nutrition.com exercise challenge.


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