What Stores Carry 310 Shakes?

Customers can buy 310 shakes through 310Nutrition.com and Amazon.com as of April 2015. The official website of the corporation has a larger assortment of products at a lower price than the Amazon.com store. Buyers can also order from 310Nutrition.com by calling the toll-free number.

Customers place an item in their shopping basket and then proceed to the company’s website to complete the checkout process. One-time purchases are more expensive than those made by favoured customers, who receive lower prices and free shipping. Individuals can view product details such as nutrition statistics, ingredients, and mixing directions by clicking on each product.

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mocha are among the four flavours available. Each protein power packet makes 28 shakes, each containing 90 calories. Protein, fibre, and numerous critical vitamins are the most prevalent nutrients in the product. Calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium are among the minerals added to the powder. A probiotic, an appetite suppressant, a cleanse powder, a metabolism booster, and juice are all available from 310Nutrition.com. Customers can also purchase a blender that mixes each shake.

Jenni Farley of “Jersey Shore” promotes these shakes on her own website on a daily basis. Farley shares photos of the company’s to-go bottle and the 310Nutrition.com exercise challenge.


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