What Similarities Did Sparta and Athens Share?

Sparta and Athens were Greek city-states that ruled ancient Greece in the fifth century BCE. Each city state had a partially elected administration and a powerful military, both of which relied on slave labour.

Both Sparta and Athens had comparable political structures; both city states were administered in part by elected assemblies. Athens’ top rulers, on the other hand, were chosen, whilst Sparta’s were not. Sparta was an oligarchy, but Athens was primarily a democracy.

Sparta and Athens were both militarily powerful, but in different ways. Sparta’s military might came from its army, which was made up of the best-trained and most formidable fighters of the day. The Athenian fleet, on the other hand, was significantly more sophisticated and dominated the Mediterranean Sea, despite the fact that the Athenian force was almost as large as the Spartan army.

Both city states had massive slave populations, with roughly 100,000 slaves in each. Sparta, on the other hand, had just approximately 8,000 inhabitants, and Athens had between 40,000 and 100,000. In both cities, slaves were at the bottom of the social hierarchy, while military men were at the top. The only people who could vote in Sparta were military professionals; in Athens, the aristocracy were wealthy landowners who were also military leaders.

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