What Shops for Fixing Cars Are Open on Sunday?

Both Walmart and Sears have auto repair shops that are open on Sundays. Both of these stores offer auto repair seven days a week, though the hours vary depending on where you go.

Walmart’s auto centres offer fewer services than Sears’. People can get new tyres and batteries put on at Walmart. There are also oil changes, fluid checks, and other preventive maintenance tasks that are set up based on how far the car has been driven.

Walmart gives customers a slip with a barcode on it so they can shop at a nearby Walmart and scan the barcode at scanners around the store to find out if their car is ready or not.

Sears Auto Services has a wider range of maintenance services for customers. In addition to changing tyres, batteries, and oil and doing regular maintenance, Sears also fixes and instals brakes, works on suspension and steering, and checks and fixes the car’s electrical system.

Most Walmarts have an auto centre, but not all Sears stores have auto services. But as of 2015, the United States has more than 700 Sears automotive stores. Sears also lets customers schedule repairs online to cut down on the time they have to wait.


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