What Shape Has the Most Sides?

Shapes can have an unlimited number of sides, however the googolgon, which has 10100 sides, is an example of a shape with a huge number of sides. Other geometries with many sides include the chiliagon (1,000), myriagon (10,000), and megagon (100,000). (1,000,000).

A polygon is a two-dimensional object composed of a collection of closed straight lines. The origin of the word “polygon” is Greek, where it means “many angles.” The triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, and octagon are common polygons. Polygons with equal sides and angles are referred to as “regular polygons.” For instance, each angle of a standard googolgon equals approximately 180 degrees, whereas each angle of a six-sided hexagon equals 120 degrees. A polygon can be simple or complex as well. The sides of simple polygons do not intersect, but the sides of complex polygons do.


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