What Pyramid Shapes Can You Find Around the House?

Pyramids are three-dimensional tetrahedrons having a rectangular or triangular base and corresponding triangle-based sides that meet at a single apex. As a result of the various types of pyramids, there are several pyramid-shaped or pyramid-like things in and around the home.

The roof of the house is the largest pyramid in some structures. Objects such as cheese graters and blocks of cheese, as well as a pyramid-shaped stack of fruits such as apples or oranges, can be found in the kitchen. Pyramids can be made with toy construction blocks such as Legos or delicately structured with a deck of cards. Pyramid-shaped paperweights and perfume bottles are also available for use in home offices.

There are pyramid-shaped deck umbrellas and tents for the outdoors. Books, posters, and souvenirs relating to the iconic Egyptian Pyramids, as well as renderings of the Food Pyramid, which illustrates the healthy total suggested food consumption of individuals, are common visuals of pyramids that can also be seen around the house.

The “Eye of Providence,” a symbol of the pyramid with an eye, appears on the back of the American dollar bill. Pyramidal candy bars, such as the Toblerone chocolate bar, are also available.

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