What Personal Characteristics Define an Excellent Administrator?

An great school administrator will demonstrate the ability to plan ahead, assume responsibility for students and teachers, and participate in the daily operations of the school or school district. A successful administrator will be able to effectively participate in all school-related activities.

The most prominent attribute of administrators is their innate leadership capacity. They must have the ability to generate concepts that others will accept and be willing to follow daily. Administrators must also have the ability to interact with others and a personality that works well with a wide range of other personalities.

School administrators have difficult occupations that require a substantial time commitment. They must be able to present students and faculty with frequent new ideas and opportunities for involvement. They must develop both curriculum plans and opportunities for daily operations. Not only will a good school administrator be involved with the logistics of a school district, but he or she will also be present for the everyday operations of the school. These administrators will be able to converse fluently with both students and teachers.


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