What Occupations Were There in Ancient Mesopotamia?

The agrarian nature of Mesopotamia’s ancient culture determined the nature of most jobs. The majority of Mesopotamian residents produced crops or cattle. Other viable occupations included weavers, artisans, healers, educators, and priests or priestesses.

Men and women were both employed in Mesopotamian civilization. In ancient Mesopotamia, women enjoyed many of the same rights and employment opportunities as males. In addition to farming and raising cattle, male and female inhabitants also worked as potters, shoemakers, builders, and fishers. Women were essential to the workforce. It is claimed that women were the first to produce beer and wine, as well as the first healers. After it was found how lucrative these vocations were, only then did men come to dominate them. Mesopotamia also had a sizable army, with many male residents serving as soldiers in the palace for the monarch.

As a way of providing for themselves and their families, and out of a belief that everyone in the community needed to work together for the greater good and to serve their ruling deities, every member of the society held a distinct occupation.


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