What Music Channels Are Available on U-Verse?

As of 2015, AT&T U-Verse delivers Stingray Music music channels. This service provides U-Verse members with access to over 100 music channels and tens of thousands of music videos. Stingray Music is only available to U-Verse members with high-speed Internet because it is a high-definition service.

Users of U-Verse can browse the Stingray Music channels from 5100 to 5174, then hit the OK button on the U-Verse remote to begin listening. Alternately, users can access the Stingray Music application by pressing the Go Interactive button or by tuning to channels 531 or 1531.

Rock, Hit List, Hot Country, Hip Hop, and Pop are some of the most popular channels on Stingray Music. The music played on the channels is comprised of a play list that has been carefully compiled by music professionals and suited to contemporary tastes. The service allows users to browse by genre, popularity, artist, or theme, and to store their favourite channels.

If a customer has AT&T U-Verse but not high-speed Internet, he can alter his plan by logging into his online account on the AT&T website. Using the TV Account Manager feature, which is accessible on channel 9910, it is also feasible to do so directly through the television.


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