What Model Numbers Do Mersman Tables Have?

Mersman tables are distinguished by four-digit numbers on the underside of the tabletop. Mersman has been a well-known furniture manufacturer for almost a century. It produced millions of tables and other products over the years.

Throughout the nineteenth century, the corporation began as a sawmill with many mills in Indiana. After transferring his firm to Ohio in 1876, J. B. Mersman began manufacturing tables under the Mersman name. Later on, the company began producing beds and bed parts. Celina, Ohio, offered him money to locate a factory there because his firm was so successful. Soon after, he added dining and library tables to his product line.

The “Davenport,” often known as a couch table, was one of Mersman’s best-selling items in the 1920s. In 1928, the company featured 139 different types of sofa tables at prices that were deemed high at the time.

Gateleg tables, radio table cabinets, library tables, and some of the first coffee tables were among his other creations.

The tops were veneered in a variety of finishes, including rosewood, birds-eye maple, ebony, Russian oak, brown mahogany, and blistered maple, and the legs were fashioned from the gum tree.


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