What Microwave Ovens Are Made in the United States?

Viking is a firm based in the United States that produces microwaves. In Oxford, Mississippi, Whirlpool manufactures built-in microwaves, while Maytag, a Whirlpool subsidiary, manufactures countertop units under the Magic Chef moniker in the United States.

Consumers can find the nation of origin of a product on the box or label when purchasing. The Federal Trade Commission has tight guidelines for determining a product’s provenance.

A product labelled “Made in the USA” or with less precise words like “Our products are made in America” must have documentation that almost all of the parts were manufactured and assembled in the United States. A label that says that a product is created with imported parts and assembled in the United States, such as “Assembled in America,” can be found on it. If a product’s origin is from outside the United States, it must be labelled with the country of origin, such as “Made in China.”

Some businesses try to get around the rules by labelling their products as “Designed in the USA” or “Made in the USA with imported parts.” If you’re looking for a product that’s actually created in the United States, check the label to see where it was made.

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