What Location Uses the Area Code 322?

The area code 322 is reserved for the Mexican state of Jalisco, and Puerto Vallarta is its most prevalent association. There is no 322 area code in the United States as of 2014.

Puerto Vallarta is located on Mexico’s southern coast. In 2010, the population of the city was 255,725, making it the second-largest in the state of Jalisco. The city is named after the previous governor of the Mexican state of Jalisco, Ignacio Vallarta. The city of Puerto Vallarta is made of a number of distinct communities and is a major tourist attraction that is accessible by air and cruise ship. The sister cities of Puerto Vallarta are Highland Park, Illinois, and Santa Barbara, California.

Puerto Vallarta is situated in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Jalisco is the third-wealthiest state in Mexico and has a population of over seven million individuals. El Colorado, Las Palmas de Arriba, Ixtapa, and El Ranchito are further cities that utilise the 322 area code. The states that are sibling to Jalisco are Washington, California, and Shanghai. Jalisco is the birthplace of numerous Mexican symbols, including mariachi music and the sombrero.

Jalisco’s postal codes begin with the digits 44 through 49, although Puerto Vallarta’s is 48300.


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