What led to Nilda Lavoe’s demise?

When Nilda “Puchi” Lavoe fell out of a window at her residence in 2002, she was 52 years old. We’ll discuss what little is known about her life outside of her marriage to well-known salsa musician Hector Lavoe and what little is known about her untimely death.

a union with Hector Lavoe

Nilda became pregnant after getting married to Hector. It was Hector’s second kid, and according to legend, Nilda informed him of her pregnancy the night before his first child’s christening.

Soon after, the two got hitched, and they remained so until Hector Lavoe died. During that time, the couple went through a lot of traumas and both of them battled drug addiction.

Hector and Puchi’s kid was murdered by a firearms accident over the course of their marriage, and a fire destroyed their first home. To escape the flames, they both had to leap out of a window, and as a result, each of them had a fractured leg.

In Puerto Rico, Nilda’s mother was fatally murdered at about the same time. Hector made an attempt at suicide in 1988 by jumping from a 9th floor window after receiving an AIDS diagnosis. In the end, he died of AIDS in 1993. Nilda remained a resident of New York up until her passing.

The Cantante

Nilda Lavoe sought to spread the word about her husband’s life narrative after his passing. Nilda brought a screenplay to Jennifer Lopez’s production firm and that they recount her husband’s story and cast J-Lo as her in the movie.

In order to gather Nilda’s tale for the movie, actress Jennifer Lopez worked with her to record interviews. Many of these recordings were used in the finished version of “El Cantante.”

Through the perspective of his wife, “El Cantante” told the tale of Hector Lavoe, one of the most well-known singers in the salsa scene. The movie, which was released in 2007, made considerable use of their relationship.

Eight million dollars were made by the film globally, and it garnered mixed reviews. Hector’s longtime companion Willie Colón said of the film: “The real story was about Hector facing the challenges of a non-supportive industry that exploited entertainers with his magnetism and talent. Instead, they produced a second film on two Puerto Rican addicts.

Reason for Death

Nilda Lavoe tragically perished after unintentionally falling backward out of a 14th floor window before “El Cantante” was finished. Severe head damage from the fall was identified as the official cause of death for the woman.


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