What Kinds of Resources Are Limited?

Oil, natural gas, metal ores, coal, and nuclear power are a few examples of scarce resources. Resources that replenish slowly are often considered to be limited resources. The antithesis of finite resources are unlimited or renewable resources, such as water, wind, and soil.

Limited resources are essential for a sustainable economy yet are only seldom available. The time it would take for these resources to replace themselves is in the thousands of years.

The fact that coal is a naturally occurring resource in some areas of the world is a good illustration of finite resources. Living things disintegrate after thousands of years of exposure to high pressure and temperatures, which results in the formation of coal.

As they are only found in trace amounts and cannot be replaced, precious stones like gold and diamonds, natural gas, and metal ores can also be regarded as limited resources.

The utilisation of renewable resources has been promoted recently since they are simpler to refill. In contrast to limited resources, renewable resources are eco-friendly, meaning they do not harm the environment. Solar, wind, and other renewable resources have been used to create electricity.


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