What Kind of Services Does a Post Office Provide?

In addition to renting mailboxes, buying money orders, and shipping letters and packages, USPS offices also handle passport renewal and registration in some cases. Customers can get help with basic mailing services from USPS employees and Automated Postal Center, or APC, equipment.

The USPS’s main service is the mailing of letters and packages. Standard Post, First Class Mail, Priority Mail with an accelerated delivery option, and overnight Express Mail are just a few of the shipping speeds that the post office offers.

A slower and less expensive shipping option for books and printed instructional materials is called Media Mail. The price of each method depends on a mix of criteria, including weight, form, and transportation distance.

The USPS provides optional services, such as Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Delivery Confirmation, and Signature Confirmation, for tracking and validating the sending and delivery of mail and packages. Additionally, insurance is offered and is depending on the value of the shipping item.

For receiving mail, post offices can rent P.O. boxes for periods of three months. To accommodate various rates and sizes of incoming mail, they are available in various sizes. These are often kept apart from other customer service sections at the post office so they are open around-the-clock, every day of the week.

Money orders and stamps are also available from the USPS. Additionally, most post offices offer greeting cards and shipping essentials like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts.


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