What Kind of Oil Does My Craftsman Lawnmower Use?

Lawnmowers by Craftsman utilise SAE 30 oil, which is the standard for small engine oil. This sort of multipurpose oil can be utilised in both push and riding mowers.

Synthetic 5W-30 oil can also be used in Craftsman mowers because it protects the engine longer in all temperature situations. Additionally, Briggs and Stratton recommends 10W-30 oil, however at temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the engine begins to consume more oil. Synthetic 5W-30 oil is only suggested for usage during winter months.

Using the incorrect type of oil in a lawnmower can cause engine damage and expensive difficulties. Despite the fact that lawn mower and automobile engines employ the same combustion principles, car oil should not be used in lawn mowers. There are many viscosity levels for oils, which refers to the thickness of the oil. SAE 30 is a more viscous oil than SAE 20. Always check the oil level before to operating a Craftsman lawnmower.


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