What Is Warmer, Cotton or Polyester?

Polyester is much warmer than cotton, therefore cotton should not be worn near to the body in cold weather, especially in undergarments. Cotton does not retain heat well when dry, and when it is damp or has absorbed body sweat, it allows heat to pass through easily.

Cotton that is damp or wet takes a very long time to dry and might be uncomfortable to wear when a person perspires from the heat or becomes wet from snow. Polyester, on the other hand, can be worn on both warm and cool days. It goes by various names, including Collmax, Thermax, and Capilene, so be cautious when examining the labels of fabrics on garments. Polyester is available in a variety of weights, allowing for the production of lightweight and heavy apparel.

Polyester is also incapable of absorbing moisture, therefore it will continue to insulate even when wet. Additionally, polyester is easy to dry. Additionally, several businesses treat polyester with coatings that repel moisture. This makes it a great choice of apparel for keeping a person warm.

Silk is the best natural fabric for keeping the skin warm on the skin. Silk gives warmth while its smooth texture gently caresses the skin.


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