What is This Bloating I Can Feel Above My Brows?

According to PDRhealth, the frontal sinuses, which are above the eyes, can become inflamed and cause swelling above the brows. This ailment is known medically as sinusitis. Around the nose, in the face’s bones, are cavities filled with air called sinuses.

The four primary sinus pairs are the frontal (above the eyes), maxillary (between the cheekbones), ethmoid (behind the bridge of the nose), and sphenoid (behind eyes). According to Bupa, sinus irritation leads in swelling, the trapping of air and mucus, which causes pain and a blocked feeling.

Acute sinusitis, which can last up to 4 weeks, is brought on by an infection of the mucous membranes, such as when someone has a cold. Bacterial sinusitis results from a bacterial infection of the mucosa.

Irritators and allergens are the main causes of chronic sinusitis, which lasts more than 12 weeks. Pollen, dust, smoke, pollution, and household detergents are a few irritants and allergens. Pain on top of the head, in the ears, on the top of the jaw, in the cheekbones, and between the eyes are signs of sinusitis.

Other signs include a runny nose, diminished or lost sense of smell, green or yellow mucus draining to the back of the throat, and fever. Lethargy, coughing, sore throat, and poor breath are less common symptoms.


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