What Is the Zip Code for Bogota, Colombia?

Bogotá, Colombia’s zip codes run from 110111 to 112041, with each number designating a district with irregular boundaries. The first two digits reflect the national department; Bogotá’s special postal code is 11; and the next four digits represent the local post’s defined boundaries. While Colombia has a zip code system, it is not always utilised.

With almost a million unique postal codes across Colombia’s 35 departments, each major municipality is issued more than 100 distinct ( codes, and rural areas are assigned hundreds of thousands of postal codes based on geographic region. Similar to U.S. ZIP codes, Colombian postal codes consist of six digits, with the first two digits representing one of the country’s 35 departments, the second two digits representing one of up to 89 postal zones per department, and the third two digits representing up to 100 postal districts per zone.

In spite of the existence of postal codes and a centralised mail system in Colombia, these services are rarely employed due to extensive corruption and abuse. However, even these services can be inconsistent and unstable.

When seeking a postal code for a certain mailing address or municipality, the quickest and most trustworthy source of information is the local authorities. Postal code manifests are available in print and online from the Colombian Postal Service and several third-party organisations.

Bogotá is a Spanish-speaking Colombian metropolis that was founded in 1538. The city is the result of the Spanish conquest of Teusaquillo, a tiny settlement founded by Mesoamerican migrants. Tribes fought against the early settlement, but the city survived. Bogotá eventually became the capital of Colombia, with approximately eight million residents.


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