What Is the Weight of a Gallon of Motor Oil?

The density of motor oil is approximately 7.2 pounds per gallon, or 0.86 grammes per cubic centimetre. The density of the oil is dependent on the motor oil formulation and temperature.

Different motor oil formulations and densities are utilised for different applications. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit, SAE 15W-40 motor oil weighs 7.4 pounds per gallon, and SAE 0W-30 motor oil weighs 6.7 pounds per gallon at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The numbers denoting the kind of motor oil refer to SAE testing standards. The first number, if an oil has one, is the viscosity rating at temperatures below 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and the second (or sometimes only) number is the viscosity rating at temperatures above 212 degrees Fahrenheit.


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