What is the Weight of a 4 x 8 Sheet of Drywall?

The thickness, brand, and kind of drywall all affect how much a sheet weighs. Standard drywall that is 1/2 inch thick and 4 feet by 8 feet weighs about 52 pounds. The weight of green board, or moisture-resistant drywall, is comparable to that of regular drywall.

By dividing the total square feet by the weight of drywall per square foot, one can get the approximate weight of a sheet of drywall. The average weight of 5/8-inch thick drywall is 2.31 pounds per square foot, compared to 1.6 pounds for 1/2-inch thick drywall per square foot. Ultralight drywall has gained popularity as a substitute since 2010. The weight of this lightweight drywall can be 30% lower than that of regular drywall.


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