What Is the Weight of a 12-Pack of Soda?

Do you believe you know how much a 12-pack of soda weighs? You’re good to go if you guessed 10 pounds. A 12-pack of Coke weighs around 10 pounds, according to some calculations.

This figure is calculated using the weight of 12 aluminium cans, the weight of the soda within the cans, and the weight of the plastic or cardboard packaging that holds the cans. These three ingredients weigh around 10 pounds when combined.

Weight of Soda

Let’s start with the soda itself, which is contained within each can. There are 12 ounces of soda in each can. When you multiply that by 12 cans of soda, you get a total of 144 ounces of soda.

Packaging and Cans

The average weight of an aluminium can is next. Each can is around 1/2 ounce in weight. When you double that by 12, you get around 6 ounces of aluminium can weight. When you multiply that by the weight of the liquid inside, you get 150 ounces, or 9.375 pounds. When you factor in the weight of the cardboard packing (maybe another 1/2 pound), you’re close to ten pounds.

Packaging in cardboard

Soda is commonly packaged in a cardboard box in 12-pack formats. This form of packaging protects cans from puncture during shipping, allows the brand to be seen on the packaging, and shields the cans from direct sunlight.

Plastic Containers

Stretchable plastic is used to enclose the cans in the photo above. This material is less dense than cardboard but nevertheless protects the soda from the sun.

Packaging for Rings

Retailers can also purchase 12-pack rings for 12 cans of soda to create a handy carry bag. These aren’t very frequent, but they reduce the overall weight of the box. Some multinational beverage businesses are switching to smaller cardboard can holders as part of a global drive to reduce wasteful plastic use.

Reduced consumption of soda

In the United States, soda consumption has decreased over the last decade, from 45 gallons per person per year in 2010 to 38 gallons per person per year in 2018. One of the main causes is that more Americans are aware of the additional sugar in their diet that comes from fizzy soda consumption.

10 Coca-Colas a Day

In 2014, one entrepreneurial individual embarked on a one-month experiment to see how consuming ten Cokes a day would influence his weight and overall health. The extra sugar in the soda caused him to gain roughly 25 pounds as a result.

In 2015, the same guy tried a similar experiment by consuming 10 Diet Cokes every day for a month. The results were drastically different: he gained no weight, his blood glucose level did not rise, and his blood pressure did not rise.


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