What Is the Viscosity of Water at 20 Degrees C?

The dynamic or absolute viscosity of water at 20 degrees Celsius is 1.00210-3, or 0.001002 Pa.s. Water has a kinematic viscosity of 1.00410-6, or 0.0001004 m2 s-1.

Viscosity is a measurement of a liquid’s resistance to flow. For instance, water has a lower viscosity than syrup or molasses because it resists flow less. The dynamic viscosity of a liquid is the amount of force required to move it. Kinematic viscosity is not a force measurement. It is a ratio comparing the dynamic viscosity to the liquid’s density. As the temperature of the water rises, the kinematic viscosity falls. When building or choosing equipment to store, pump, or inject a fluid, it is crucial to understand viscosity measures.


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