What Is the Value of a Vintage Turner Wall Accessory Print?

Thousands of items of reasonably cost furniture, art, and mirrors were made by Turner Manufacturing Company, many of which can still be found today. Vintage Turner wall accessories and other things have not appreciated in value as a result of their high supply and low starting worth, and you can still acquire them cheaply today despite the fact that they are no longer manufactured. Turner wall prints, unlike more costly antiques, lack a defined value reference, thus they are only worth what people are prepared to pay for them. While the corporation was moderately successful in its time, it is no longer profitable.

What is the Turner Manufacturing Company’s history?

The Turner Manufacturing Company, based in Chicago, produced a wide range of prints and paintings for nearly thirty years, and many of them are still available today. The cost of valuing most of these items, however, generally surpasses their real value. Turner wall art was commonly marketed at low costs in department and outlet stores, and it was aimed for informal house décor rather than art collection.

Turner’s wall art mostly consists of replicas of Old Master paintings from the 16th to 18th centuries. The company employed unknown painters to create original paintings for more modern artwork. During the 1960s and early 1970s, the firm expanded its product line to include mirrors and shelving.

Turner Wall Art Accessories Characteristics

Elegant and occasionally mirrored frames, fashionable colour palettes, and a signature somewhere on the painting, though its location may not be evident, especially if the artwork was reframed, are all common aspects of Turner wall art. Paintings of birds by Turner command slightly greater prices.

Turner wall art has endured in vast numbers in part because it was created with man-made materials such as plastic, which, unlike more expensive natural materials, are resistant to moisture, heat, and light damage. When Turner wall art was originally sold, it wasn’t thought to be of great quality, and that hasn’t changed much since then. Mirrors and shelves, for example, frequently sell for less than $100 at auction.

A few pieces of Turner wall art are more valuable, but they are extremely rare. One original 1960s Turner wall print modified by artist Max Freshman was purchased for $1,500 at an auction, but the print itself would have likely sold for less than $50.

Where Can You Sell Turner Wall Decor Vintage?

In general, vintage Turner wall accessory arts can be found online for anything between $10 to $300. Before you sell your prized artwork, think about the piece in question, its condition, and where you intend to sell it. Portraits and scenic prints of towns, lonely natural areas, or bouquets frequently sell for more in antique shops or through private sales than at auctions, but private sales can be difficult to arrange, and if you sell to a dealer or antique shop, you’ll likely only earn 30 to 40% of the resale price.

If you’re selling locally, Craigslist might be a great method to connect with possible buyers. It’s completely free to use, and you may sell it in your neighbourhood or in a larger city nearby. If you have several pieces to sell, you may also use Etsy, though Etsy would most certainly take a cut of your profits in some way. Amazon MarketPlace, ArtFire, and eBay, for example, provide global visibility and strong traffic.


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