What Is the Use of Crucible Tongs?

Crucible tongs are tools that can be employed in either an industrial or a laboratory context. In both instances, tongs are used to safely transport a piece of equipment called a crucible that contains potentially hazardous substances and must be handled with extreme care.

In a laboratory, the crucible typically holds heated chemical substances. In an industrial setting, the crucible often contains materials being melted in a furnace or kiln during the metal casting or glassblowing process. In both instances, crucible tongs are designed to securely grab the crucible in order to move it. Generally, the handles of crucible tongs are lengthy and insulated to protect the user’s hands. Typically, the tips are serrated to improve grip. The tips are available in a variety of lengths to suit the intended use.

Typically, crucible tongs are composed of a metal that can survive extremely high temperatures, such as nickel, oxidised steel, or stainless steel. Crucible tongs with a locking or latching mechanism can be locked to the crucible’s rim. Frequently, crucible tongs contain safety brakes that prevent the operator from applying excessive force. Too much force can cause the crucible to fall.


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