What Is “The Ugly Duckling’s” Theme?

The concept of “The Ugly Duckling” is about discovering one’s own individuality rather than trying to fit in with society’s expectations. After some time spent exploring, the duckling eventually makes it back to his pond, where he finds acceptance for who he is. Hans Christian Andersen was the author of “The Ugly Duckling,” which was first released in 1843.

In the opening of “The Ugly Duckling,” a cat and a hen warn the duckling that unless he becomes lovely like his friends, no one would take him seriously. They also imply that he needs to act in a particular way.

The duckling embarks on a time of exploration to determine if there is anyone else like him out there rather than adjusting to what they anticipate. This implies that the theme is embarking on a self-discovery journey. Children are given the encouraging message to never give up at this point in the story.

The duckling eventually returns to his own home and transforms into a lovely swan at the conclusion of the tale. He is currently the most admired animal in the area. It is made obvious that while he has no influence over who accepts him, he does have the power over how he feels about the circumstances.

This reaffirms the idea that kids shouldn’t give up on who they are while also offering the hope that people will eventually come to accept their genuine selves.


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