What Is the Traditional Dress of Puerto Rico Like?

Traditional Puerto Rican attire is influenced by both the Spanish and African cultures. Jibaro and Bomba civilizations represent two separate fashions. Men wear a white shirt and slacks with a coloured sash, while ladies wear multicoloured long skirts and white blouses. For ladies, bomba attire consists of flowing white skirts and blouses, while males wear white suits or colourful shirts.

Jibaro culture is the primary culture in Puerto Rico and is a mixture of indigenous and Spanish customs. Jibaro fashion takes heavily from Spanish fashion, with flowing, colourful skirts for ladies and a basic shirt and slacks for males. Men also wear straw hats, while ladies sometimes accessorise their hair with flower bonnets or colourful kerchiefs.

Bomba culture is predominantly African, and whereas Jibaro is predominantly colourful, Bomba is predominantly white. The Bomba style is derived from the traditional attire of the island’s African slaves. Women’s white gowns are occasionally enhanced with vibrant hues such as blue and red, while males wear colourful shirts knotted at the waist with ankle-length trousers. Men frequently accessorise with a Panama hat made of straw, whilst ladies keep their heads uncovered.


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