What Is the Traditional Clothing Worn in Belgium?

Traditional men’s and women’s attire in Belgium is based on the French fashion, which was affected by the French occupation during World War II. The smock and beret are popular men’s attire in Belgium, whereas the classic huntress outfit is appreciated by ladies. The sleeves and ties of the dress, which is worn as a bridal gown today, are trimmed with bright beads and Celtic-style edging.

Young Belgian boys wore gowns until the turn of the twentieth century, and men and boys wore tunics until the nineteenth century. Boys frequently wore pantalettes with tunics and skirts. The popularity of men’s tailored suits did not emerge until the 19th century.

At Belgium’s many festivals, such as the Cat Festival in Ypres, traditional Belgian costume is commonly donned. During the Middle Ages, rats infested the town. To remedy the issue, cats were released within the township to eliminate the vermin. However, the population of cats grew nearly as rapidly as that of rats. As a result, individuals began flinging cats over the highest buildings. Today, the celebration features the reenactment with stuffed cats.

Located in the central part of Europe, Belgium is considered to be a low country, as much of the land is located below sea level. Walloons and Flemish are the two largest ethnic groups residing in Belgium.

Traditional Belgian crafts include lace-marking and ceramic creation. Puppetry provides amusement for both youngsters and adults.


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