What Is the Superstition About a Bird Hitting a Windshield?

The myth that a bird flying into a home is a portent of death is extended to a bird striking a windshield. Because automobiles have only been prevalent since the latter half of the 20th century, it is possible that the superstition around birds striking car windshields is a new development.

In legend, birds are frequently extraterrestrial beings that can traverse between planets. This idea presumably originated from the fact that birds can fly, which makes them creatures of the heavens and encourages people to believe they have a direct relationship with their culture’s God or gods. Probably for the same reason, some gods have been represented as birds. Both Horace and Isis were represented as birds in Egyptian art. Additionally, Odin is represented as a bird.

Superstitions, such as this one, arose during eras when science was unable to explain unusual or peculiar occurrences. However, scientific advancement demonstrates that the most likely reason birds crash into car windows is because they see a reflection and mistake it for another bird. Therefore, it is more likely that a bird attack on the glass is an attempt to drive another bird from its territory than a warning of imminent death.


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