What Is the Sodium Content of Beer by Brand?

Regular Budweiser beer has 20 milligrammes of sodium per bottle, while the brand’s light beer has only 10 milligrammes. The same amount of sodium is in each bottle of Miller Genuine Draft and Miller’s High Life. One bottle of Coors has 12 milligrammes of sodium and one bottle of Coors Light has 13 milligrammes. In one bottle of Heineken, there are 8 milligrammes of sodium.

A can of beer and a 12-ounce bottle of beer both have about 14 milligrammes of sodium on average. There are 38 milligrammes of sodium in a 32-ounce pitcher of the drink. The amount of sodium in different brands and flavours varies. In general, the same amount of sodium is in a serving of light beer as in a serving of regular beer. When the amount of beer in a serving is cut down to 3.5 ounces, or 100 grammes, the average amount of sodium in all brands is 4 milligrammes. Budweiser has 3 milligrammes of alcohol per 3.5 ounces, which is just over a quarter of a bottle.

In 1954, doctors and nutritionists studied 25 samples of beer from different breweries. They found that each 3.38 ounces of beer had an average of 6.95 milligrammes of salt, compared to 10 milligrammes of sodium in plain water. That was the same as 25 milligrammes of sodium in 12 ounces of beer. At the time the study was done, doctors thought that beer should be talked about more as a way to control how much salt you eat.


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