What is the procedure for obtaining your AAFES Self-Service Paystubs?

Visit Self-Service.AAFES.com/Self-Service and log in with your Top Secret Security ID and password to access your AAFES self-service paystubs. Your TSS officer should be able to give you with your TSS ID.

Access the TAO(EMC2) Bulletin Board of TSS-Security-Officer under the TSS Security Officers by Location for a list of TSS officers. After getting your login information from a TSS officer, double-check that your TSS ID is eight digits long and your TSS password is five to eight characters long before signing in. Access your payroll information after logging into the AAFES portal, which can be found in the main menu of your account.

If your login isn’t working, keep in mind that your TSS ID can start with a “TS” or “Y,” and your TSS password shouldn’t start with any numbers. Contact your TSS officer if your TSS ID does not match these standards. Special characters, identical back-to-back characters, computer jargon, profane words, or the user’s name are also prohibited in TSS passwords.

If you’ve already registered on the site but can’t remember your password, call HR at the number shown under the HR Support Center link on the login page. HR contact numbers differ depending on where you live. If you’re still having trouble logging in after following the above instructions, ensure sure your browser’s cookies are turned on. Cookies that have been disabled restrict users from logging into the AAFES employee site.

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