What Is the Meaning of the Circle of Life?

The circle of life is a metaphor for birth, living, and dying. Many religions and philosophies have the idea that life is like a circle or a wheel. Some circles or wheels are a lot more complicated than others.

Life is shown as a circle because it goes in a loop that never ends. People are always being born and always dying. The idea that the end of one life is not necessarily the end of life in general adds a spiritual element to the circle. Many religions and philosophies believe that if people live their lives in a certain way, they will have another (usually better) life after they die. So, when people die, they are not really dead. Instead, they are just born again to start a new cycle of life. In Buddhism, want, hate, and ignorance are in the middle of the circle, and people are always trying to get around them. The Buddhist wheel of life also has two half circles that go up and down to show that not everyone can get through life’s problems. When this happens, you have to start over. This idea is not totally different from the Christian idea of being reborn. Christians think that anyone who wants to go to Heaven must be born again through Christ.


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