What Is the Meaning of a Birthmark on the Thigh?

According to ancient Chinese belief, a birthmark on the inner thigh predicts prosperity and wealth. A birthmark on a man’s thigh indicates that he will inherit wealth. A birthmark on a woman’s thigh indicates that her hard work will make her wealthy. A birthmark on the inner thigh is also indicative of a person’s respectability and nice demeanour.

In general, the ancient Chinese believed that moles and birthmarks on the face, neck, torso, thighs, legs, and feet were a sign of good fortune. However, some feel that they are relics from a prior existence. For instance, the author of “Someone Else’s Yesterday,” Jeffrey Keene, had markings on his body that he believed corresponded to General John B. Gordon’s Civil War wounds. Dr. Ian Stevenson, a researcher on reincarnation and author of the study “Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons,” claims to have recorded hundreds of similar incidents.

Moles and birthmarks also have scientific reasons for their origins. Some are caused by medical issues, while others are inherited. If their colour, look, shape, texture, or size changes, they should be evaluated by a physician and require urgent attention. These alterations may indicate the presence of skin cancer.


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