What Is the Longest Football Throw in History?

Although there is no concrete record for the longest football throw in history, many people hold Vinny Testaverde, a former NFL quarterback, to have won the honour with his 80-yard pass during the 1988 “Quarterback Challenge” tournament. There is no Guinness World Record for the longest pass in NFL history, and no such data is kept.

Former Heisman Trophy winner Testaverde played for the Panthers, Browns, Ravens, Jets, Cowboys, and Buccaneers throughout the course of his 21-year NFL career. The two-time Pro-Bowler, who was known for having a tremendously strong arm, passed for more than 46,000 yards and 275 touchdowns during his career. Ironically, he also four times led the league in interceptions, and his 35 interceptions in 1988 are the second-most in NFL history.


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