What Is the Life Cycle of a Monkey?

The basic stages of a monkey’s life cycle are gestation, infancy, and adulthood, but the duration of each stage varies depending on the species being discussed. Monkey gestation can last between four and eight months, while monkeys attain adulthood between 18 months and eight years. Mature monkeys give birth to one to three young after mating, with one being the most typical number.

The life cycle of a snow monkey is quite average for a monkey. They are born following a brief gestation period and nurse for approximately one year. Snow monkeys reach maturity at the age of four, and in captivity they can survive for up to 30 years.

Some monkeys experience adolescence between childhood and adulthood. The Proboscis monkey, for instance, finishes nursing after seven months of age. Approximately five months later, when they are one year old, young boys leave their moms to hang out with their pals in a group known as the bachelor group. In contrast, young females reside with the rest of their family in a group known as the troop. Although the monkeys are not considered infants during this stage, they are also not adults. They spend around three years in this capacity, and are not able to reproduce until they are 4 or 5 years old.


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