What Is the Job Description for a Hotel Steward?

A person who oversees the dining options, personnel, or services of a hotel is referred to as a hotel steward. A hotel steward may be in charge of a variety of tasks, such as providing excellent guest service, making sure company and departmental standards are followed, making sure all equipment is operational and that any that isn’t is promptly fixed or replaced, keeping the area clean, and monitoring and reviewing banquet facility setup. Hotel stewards may also help visitors with check-in and check-out, manage event setup, and carry out other tasks as required.

In order to work as a hotel steward, a person needs to possess a number of traits. In a stewarding department, prior leadership experience is typically necessary. Excellent problem-solving and customer service abilities are required of a hotel steward applicant. Hotel stewards need to be kind, dependable, mature, collected, and polite.

Other crucial traits are the capacity to operate successfully under pressure and as a team player. A hotel steward needs to have a flexible schedule that enables him to work holidays, nights, and weekends because hotels are open around-the-clock. Although not typically necessary, a college degree in hospitality or a related subject is preferred.


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