What Is the Individual Vs. Society?

The phrase “individual vs. society” means that a person and their society are at odds with each other. This phrase is often used to talk about problems in a book. But it can also be used to describe real-life situations in which a maverick wants to go against cultural norms and feels limited by society.

This phrase refers to the tension or drama that happens when someone doesn’t want to live within the rules of their culture or society. It is used both in literature and in everyday speech. For example, if someone wants to be a nudist but their society requires them to wear clothes, that person may feel out of place, socially awkward, or upset with society.

Individual vs. society conflicts can happen inside a person, but they can also happen in the real world. For example, the person mentioned above could walk around town naked and get arrested by the police, who represent society. But as the conflict went on, the person might be able to get more support and, in the end, change the way society works.

Individual vs. society can be thought of as a philosophical dualism, or as two ideas that are always at odds with each other. But since people are both independent and social by nature, the two ideas don’t have to be put against each other. Instead, one can figure out how to keep them both in check.


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