What Is the Gram Formula Mass of (NH4)3 PO4?

(NH4)3PO4 has a molar mass of 149.087 grammes per mole. Use the number of atoms of each element in the chemical formula for this molecule and their atomic masses to determine this answer.

According to the formula for the molecule (NH4)3PO4, there are three atoms of nitrogen, twelve atoms of hydrogen, one atom of phosphorus, and four atoms of oxygen. According to the periodic table, the atomic masses of each element are as follows: nitrogen equals 14.0067 grammes per mole, hydrogen equals 1.00794, phosphorus equals 30.973761, and oxygen equals 15.9994.

To determine the mass of the compound, which is ammonium phosphate, it is necessary to multiply the number of atoms of each element by their respective atomic mass and then add the results: [(14.0067 grams/mol x 3) + (1.00794 grams/mol x 12) + (30.973761 grams/mol x 1) + (15.9994 grams/mol x 4)], which is equal to 149.087 grammes per mole when rounded to the nearest thousandth.


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