What Is the Gestation Period for Snakes?

The gestation duration of snakes varies by species, however copperheads gestate for 3 to 9 months and tiger snakes for 3 months or 121 days. Snakes can either lay eggs or give birth to live young. In any case, the newborn snakes are miniature replicas of the adults and are entirely independent, requiring no parental care.

After mating, the female snake can retain sperm within her reproductive system. The snake can generate three clutches of eggs or three litters of live born young from a single fertilisation. As long as they are correctly partnered according to age and sex, captive snakes will mate. The usual duration of incubation for snake eggs is between 55 and 60 days.

Copperheads are live-birthing snakes that can give birth to two to 10 offspring simultaneously. Larger females typically give birth to larger litters. If they mate in the fall, they store sperm until the end of hibernation. The females then begin gestation.

Typically, the Tiger snake gives birth to live offspring at the close of summer or near the beginning of autumn. On average, they give birth to between 20 and 30 young, although some have given birth to as many as 70.


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