What Is the Gaelic Word for Grandma?

Grandma is referred to as Maimeó in Gaelic (MAM-o). The spellings Mamó and Mahmó are alternatives. Another Gaelic term for a grandmother is Móra, which can also be translated as “granny” (MO-ree).

Both maimeó and móra might be used to address a grandmother informally and directly. Grandmother is referred to as seanmháthair in Gaelic (shan a WAW her). This phrase can also be spelled seanmhair, seanmathair, and seanmathair. This phrase, which literally means “old mother,” is not frequently used to refer to a grandmother.

Máthair mhór (MAW her aWOR) and Máthair chrona (MAW her KHREE un na), which mean “great mother” and “wise mother,” respectively, are alternative terms used to refer to grandmothers. Like seanmháthair, máthair mhór and máthair chrona are more formal phrases. Sin-seanmháthair is the Gaelic word for great grandmother.

Children in Gaelic also call their grandfathers by the term “móra.” Daideó is another colloquial word for a granddad (DADJ-oh). Grandfather is known formally as seanathair. Children are typically given their grandparents’ names in Irish culture. The lives of their grandkids are frequently greatly influenced by their grandparents.

Irish children continue to refer to their grandparents in Gaelic, although the phrase has not become as widely used outside of Gaelic culture as other names, like the Italian Nonna or the German Oma, have. This is most likely a result of the challenging pronunciation.


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