What Is the Firing Order for a Ford 351 Windsor?

The firing order for a Ford 351 Windsor is 1-3-5-7-2-6-5-4-8, which is different from the majority of the company’s other V-8 engines. Ford’s cylinders are numbered from left to right, with cylinders one through four on the left and cylinders five through eight on the right.

Ensuring the correct firing order on the 351 Windsor ensures that the correct spark plug ignites, allowing the engine to continue to operate efficiently. If a vehicle is running smoothly prior to removing the plug wires, as when replacing spark plugs, then the plugs are likely in the correct order. Before removing them from the spark plug, identifying them is the simplest way to ensure they remain in order. Knowing the firing sequence enables the owner to reconnect the correct wire to each plug if the wires are accidentally jumbled.

Due to consumer demand for more powerful stock engines, Ford produced the 351-cubic-inch Windsor in 1969. Gasoline was inexpensive, and the first powerful engine models produced over 300 horsepower. Ford decreased the power output of the 1973 Mustang to 169 horsepower in response to the implementation of emission regulations. Ford utilised the 351 Windsor in a variety of different vehicles for a number of years. Due to the demand for better fuel economy, it no longer offers this engine on any of its vehicles as of 2014. The 351 Windsor remains available from Ford’s motor sports division as a crate engine.


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