What Is the Difference Between Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night?

How are the morning, afternoon, and evening different? And where does night come in all of this? In a 24-hour day, these words describe different chunks of time. But when do one and the other begin and end?

Morning vs Afternoon vs Evening vs Night

Some people think that morning starts at sunrise, but others think that morning is any time between midnight and 11:59 a.m., since most people agree that morning ends at noon. But the lines between afternoon, evening, and night are less clear.

As its name suggests, the afternoon starts at noon and lasts for a few hours. When afternoon ends, evening begins. Some people think of evening as the time between dinner and bedtime. For others, evening starts when the sun goes down and ends when it gets dark. If you think more like the sun, evening will start and end at different times depending on the season. In the winter, evening might start around 5 p.m., but in the summer, it might start around 6 or 7 p.m.

Lastly, night is often thought of as the time between sunset and sunrise when it is dark. The length of night may change from season to season.


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