What Is the Difference Between Flounder and Sole?

The highest quality sole originates from the deep waters surrounding Europe, while flounder rarely ventures to such depths. Both sole and flounder are edible flatfish in the family of flounder and are marine fish.

The European flounder, which may reach a maximum length of 20 inches, is the most widely fished type of flounder. Other species are shorter than the wildly popular Dover sole, which can reach a length of 20 inches. For instance, the maximum length of sand soles is only 14 inches, and the maximum length of ceteau soles is just 10 inches.

The flounder is Australia’s largest and most profitable seafood export, and it is also abundant in European waters. There are several culinary applications for sole and flounder, and their comparable texture and flavour make them interchangeable. These fish are featured heavily in French cuisine, and they are widely smoked and dried in Scandinavia. Sole and flounder are suitable alternatives to turbot, brill, dab, and plaice.

The eyes of the majority of species of flounder and sole are on the right side. The left eye of a newborn flounder migrates to the right side within a few days of birth. This side is a dark, mottled brownish-green colour. Also known as the blind side, the left side is white.


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